Mobile Homes for Sale in Oxnard, CA: Know All Laws Before Buying

It’s estimated that approx. 22 million people live in mobile homes. There are many benefits to living in a mobile home, including maintenance costs, reduced purchase costs, and environmental friendliness. However, there is also another reason that people want to invest in mobile home convenience. So, if you are willing to buy a mobile home as you see Mobile Homes for Sale in Oxnard, CA, you must know the laws to ensure your investment is worthy and your manufactured home can be moved.

Below are four laws that you should know about moving a mobile home:

Need To Take Moving Permit to Relocate Your Mobile Home

You can’t just pick up and leave with your mobile home when you feel like it. While the exact process of gaining a moving permit for a mobile home depends on the state and county in which you are currently living, you will likely be needful to provide a couple of key limits:

  • A certificate from the region treasurer stating that there are no overdue and/or unpaid taxes on the property.
  • A certificate of title for the property or a copy of the title’s certificate.

Need A Mobile Home Mover

There is no such DIY approach to moving when relocating a mobile home. So, before buying “Mobile Homes for Sale in Oxnard, CA,” you must look for the manufactured home mover. That’s because the laws on moving a mobile home need a professional mover who has a license and bond.

Plus, you should ensure that not all moving companies are the same; you need to hire a company like The Mobile Home Factory, which provides the best possible way to move your mobile home.

Mobile Home to Be Up to Code

HUD codes are one of the important codes for manufactured homes. So, once you plan to buy Manufactured Homes for Sale in Oxnard, CA, ensure you check for the code. These codes are legal requirements for placing mobile homes on the map, including ones built before the codes went into place. Make sure, without up to code; you can’t move your mobile home.

Need To Check the Legal Needs of Your New Town

The city where you are moving may have stricter laws regarding building standards and property age than your current location. You will almost certainly have special district restrictions that you will have to comply with.

Final Words

As stated above, many people prefer to live in a mobile home rather than a traditional one. And it is because manufactured homes are convenient and easy to relocate. However, if you are planning to invest in a mobile home, you must check for all the laws mentioned above. Plus, to get the best deal for Mobile Homes for Sale in Oxnard, CA, visit us at The Mobile Home Factory.

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